Enterprise Document Viewing and Conversion Software Company                                                        

                                         Trailing 12 Months Revenue: $6.0M                        Projected 2021 Revenues $7.0M

  • Superior Reputation: Company has been providing document viewing and conversion software for over 25 years and have more than 300 Fortune 2000 and OEM Clients including most to US and World Banks, the majority of the top Shipping Companies, as well as the  top medical records and insurance companies both in the US and Europe.
  • Great Customer Diversity: Company currently serves global clients in Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Shipping, Document Management and more. The top 7 customers comprise 23% of total revenues.
  • Long Term Client Relationships: Their top 7 customers have been with them in size order: #1 25 years, #2 15 years, #3 20 years, #4 17 years, #5 15 years, #6 20 years, and #7 10 years. Their superior client support and ease of use of their solution enhances client productivity resulting in a very sticky client with dependable revenue.
  • Great Opportunity to Leverage Blue Chip Client Base: Company serves a very desirable customer base of hundreds of large enterprises and large OEMs allowing great cross-sell benefit to some strategic buyers in the document repository, enterprise content management, digital asset management or other adjacent markets..

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