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Publisher of Medical and Scientific Illustrations & Products for Educational Purposes

“The Company is a research and development publishing company specializing in high-quality medical and scientific illustrations, and educational products. The company built a library of digital anatomical, pathological, and physiological illustrations and the text copies related to them. They are the most consistent in the industry with a consistent look across media.
The intellectual property portfolio includes: Flash Cards, Anatomical Charts, Books and eBooks, Flip Charts, and Select 3D anatomical models.
The buyer will benefit from an immediate access to that huge collection. A publisher can utilize that content to save on the licensing costs and the duplication of digital vs print licensing costs. They can be reused and repurposed to enhance the publisher’s portfolio of products and designs.
Internationally, the Company provides translated products tailored to countries including China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and more.” Client # 53557

Managed Services Provider with Deep Domain Expertise in Life Sciences

“Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Massachusetts, Company provides strategic IT consulting in information technology, qualified cloud offerings and managed services, including managing regulated, qualified and non-qualified environments. Having worked with numerous products requiring regulatory oversight Company understands the distinct needs of the Life Science industry. We can provide a layer of comfort to the CIO or CFO in an environment where you might not have enough coverage for those critical or legacy applications and still be able to maintain all of the regulatory requirements that your company absolutely requires. Company is recognized as a leading provider of regulated systems management services with a focus on providing IT operating and application systems support. We can assume complete responsibility of the IT environment for companies who decide to outsource their IT or quality auditing needs. Company uses principles supported and taught in the Project Management Institute, and our Good Systems Practice® Managed Service approach provides the customer with much more flexibility than a traditional staff augmentation.” Client # 60815 C

Managed IT Services & IP Telephony Provider SMB Southeast MI, US

“The Company offers data, voice, and interconnect services as well as managed services, premise and cloud phone systems, and cloud services. The Company provides IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. Company’s Managed Service Plan ensures proactive care, round-the-clock maintenance, and live (24x7x365) help desk support. In 2016, revenue was derived from hardware and software sales (41%), recurring revenue (service agreements and circuit commissions) (40%), and break/fix and ad hoc services (18%).
Company differentiates itself from the competition on many fronts including: a proprietary process for evaluating and solving technology needs; a comprehensive approach based on years of experience with and a market-leading position in both data and voice technologies; and a full suite of services ranging from infrastructure to cloud services, which is unparalleled in the Company’s market segment.” Client # 60838 X

Marketing & Presentation Software for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

“Headquartered in Kentucky, Company offers marketing and sales presentation software for insurance agents and other financial advisor professionals. The software and associated materials support tax-advantaged savings programs using the Indexed Universal Life Insurance product.

The product package was effectively established for one larger client in approximately 2012, and officially introduced to other clients in late 2015. Market feedback has been very positive, with revenues growing from $160,000 in 2014 to over $500,000 in 2016.

The suite of products is offered on a recurring subscription basis, and is website-accessed by its customers .The site enables financial advisors to create and manage a variety of customized, compliance-approved client reports that streamline the complex IUL product. Client reports are accompanied by complete marketing programs that support member advisors from the prospecting phase through the close of the sale. IUL is one of the fastest growing products in the life insurance industry, where it is used as a tax-advantaged cash value accumulation tool. A rapidly-growing number of advisors use IUL for retirement planning with their clients.” Client # 61151 SW

Website AI Lead Capture Chat Agent

“The Strategic Acquirer could leverage company’s assets to provide their clients with a high-value service while adding an additional revenue stream, or multiple streams by splitting out the product offerings. The existing AI Agent operates autonomously and is sufficient as a highly effective lead capture tool for most small businesses. For more complex businesses, the advanced Agent as platform is at a similar development stage as are self-driving vehicles. If the automated agent initiates the conversation and then it gets ‘stuck’ on something it doesn’t know or if a website visitor is ready to make an action (purchase, booking, appointment, etc.) we would interface with a live chat cut-in. For a technology oriented acquirer we bring faster time to market and a foundation to build upon. The technology platform is designed to operate independently while also allowing 3rd party integrations. An acquirer can leverage the existing platform immediately to create next-generation artificial intelligence agents.”Client # 171120 SW


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