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                                        Public Records Management SaaS and Services Company                                 

               2022 Revenue: $13.87M                        2022 EBITDA $2.82M

  • Superior Reputation: Company has a long history of providing document services, data processing and software to state and local governments…  Known as an industry expert, Company continually updates their technology and is a leader in innovative systems for recording, imaging, and searching land, court, and other official records.
  • Great Customer Diversity: Company currently serves state and local government clients in the eastern United States. They have 400 customers with no customer accounting for more than 2% of Total Revenues. 
  • Long Term Client Relationships: Their superior client support and records management domain expertise enhances client productivity resulting in a very loyal client yielding dependable revenue.
  • Great Opportunity to Leverage Client Base: Company offers a broad range of related products for recording, imaging, and searching land, court and public records documents. Constant technology enhancements promote upgrades to cloud-based systems and converting older indexes and historical records to online versions and eCommerce solutions. Ancillary services such as backfile imaging, redaction, reindexing, bindery, and microfilm are fertile sources of additional project-based revenue.
  • Long-Term Skilled Employee Base: Company has 80 employees, several key support, engineering, sales, and executive personnel with years and even decades of company/industry experience. Clients value the experience and high level of enterprise support.
  • Significant Growth Potential: A huge shift was brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to digitize public records. With significant financial support from the federal government, state and local governments were encouraged to digitize public records and make them available online in a self-service platform for their constituents. We estimate that we are in about the third inning of this conversion process with strong momentum for continued growth. 
  • Significant Growth Potential (2): The Company has currently limited its sales and marketing efforts to the eastern portion of the United States. An acquiring company that had the resources to provide additional geographical sales coverage could take advantage of both an expanded market area as well as the significant amount of funding being directed to state and local governments converting their public records to an on-line capability.
  • Repeat and Recurring Revenue: Company generates approximately 55% of their revenue as contractually recurring revenue from long term contracts. Approximately 90% of their total revenue is repeat business from existing customers.


Company has successfully established itself as a leader in providing innovative systems for recording, imaging, and searching land, court and other official records. Their flagship offering is a land records management system. Their newest records management solution is a cloud-based solution that offers the latest technologies. Another offering delivers historical records and indexes online to the public. Their case management system streamlines the entry, management and disposition of court cases. 

Company also delivers a revolutionary intelligent search capability that crosses all of their land records management products and an innovative eCommerce Solution for records management. Complementing their software systems are data and imaging services: backfile imaging, redaction, reindexing, bindery and microfilm.

The company has been working on a new land records product that has been very positively received. To take advantage of this product’s positive market impact and quickly expand market coverage, will require an investment in additional development resources. 


Client # 220622

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Client # 220622  

Public Records Management SaaS and Services Company


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