Managed IT Services & IP Telephony Provider SMB Southeast MI, US

                        2018 Revenue: $4.77MM                                            2019 EBITDA: $1.12MM

  • Recurring Revenue Business Model Focus: Steadily increasing company’s revenues generated from managed services contracts (48% of annual sales) with enhanced sales resource and focus.
  • Diversified Customer Base: With over 275 clients, no single customer represents more than 3.5% of annual revenue, and the top 5 customers represented 15% of sales in 2018. Their customer base is also well diversified across several industries.
  • Growth in Revenues and in Profitability: The Company has achieved a 69% sales growth from 2015 – 2018 while steadily increasing EBITDA margins from 19% to over 23% over the same period.

Client # 60838 X

Marketing & Presentation Software for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

Marketing & Presentation Software for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

2018 Revenue: $1.1 M           22% Growth Rate       42.5% EBITDA Margin

  • Growing Market for the Company’s Services:Main product is an illustration software for Indexed Universal Life. IUL’s emerging popularity with insurance agents and financial advisors, along with retirement savings wealth trends in general, support strong momentum for Company’s market opportunity.
  • Proprietary Financial Product Development: Company occupies a very uniquesegment in the retirement savings industry, has hundreds of agent and carrier contacts, and understands the underlying actuarial and marketing aspects of insurance-oriented savings products.All materials and product names are copyrighted.
  • Track Record/Proven Product Acceptance: Company has increased its year-over-year sales to one of the largest IMOs in the industry since inception, and now has other IMOs participating, as well as other market participants interested. Great growth potential with expanded marketing resources.

Client # 61151 SW

Managed Services Provider with Deep Domain Expertise in Life Sciences

“Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Massachusetts, Company provides strategic IT consulting in information technology, qualified cloud offerings and managed services, including managing regulated, qualified and non-qualified environments. Having worked with numerous products requiring regulatory oversight Company understands the distinct needs of the Life Science industry. We can provide a layer of comfort to the CIO or CFO in an environment where you might not have enough coverage for those critical or legacy applications and still be able to maintain all of the regulatory requirements that your company absolutely requires. Company is recognized as a leading provider of regulated systems management services with a focus on providing IT operating and application systems support. We can assume complete responsibility of the IT environment for companies who decide to outsource their IT or quality auditing needs. Company uses principles supported and taught in the Project Management Institute, and our Good Systems Practice® Managed Service approach provides the customer with much more flexibility than a traditional staff augmentation.” Client # 60815 C


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