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Technology Focused Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm

MidMarket Capital, Inc. represents CEOs of privately held businesses seeking to realize maximum transaction value when selling or exiting their business. We specialize in information technology, software, healthcare IT and technology, and other businesses where a significant percentage of their value is contained in their intellectual property.

Our Ideal Client is a business seller who:

  • believes his business is worth more than a “Rule of Thumb” financial multiple and
  • wants a Wall Street Style M&A process at a middle market fee structure.

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For technology business sellers, there seems to be no mechanism and certainly no attempt on the part of buyers to account for the selling company’s growth rate. In the public market this factor is widely recognized and is accounted for with an improvement in the PE multiple. This paper proposes a methodology that can be applied to privately held, growing tech companies creating substantial improvements in their business selling price

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MidMarket Capital, Inc. is seeing business buyers returning to the Market in an effort to achieve greater growth by acquiring technology assets . The cost of capital is at historic lows, so 2016 is an ideal time to be on the market to achieve very favorable valuations. We are recommending to our clients who are considering selling, to sell now and stay on with the acquiring company in a transitional or consulting capacity.

We recognize that finding the right buyer is a very important service we provide.  After years of deal-making, we have found that deal structure, negotiation strategy, and protecting transaction value through the closing process are even more critical to your success. Our Exit Strategist Newsletter is a free resource that we encourage you to utilize to familiarize yourself with the process and prepare you for your exit.

New York Times Small Business Rates Exit Strategist Newsletter from MidMarket Capital, “Best for deal terms and strategy”

Mergers & Acquisitions

MidMarket Capital, Inc. is a merger and acquisition advisory firm focused on providing strategic advice and transaction services to owners of middle-market companies. Whether you are looking for outstanding results in a succession planning exit, or finding strategic buyers for healthy, rapidly growing companies seeking a partner to provide scale, we find that right buyer.

“When I sell my company, how can I be sure that I get the best price and the best deal?” We craft the presentation materials that capture the value of the asset you have grown. We uncover and communicate the value creation potential for the strategic buyers we target. Then we get back to the basics. MidMarket Capital talks with a large number of buyers and “sells” your company. As the process unfolds, we get several buyers to compete. This buyer competition produces the highest and best value the market has to offer. One more thing. When it is over, you know you did not leave money on the table.








We Are a Company of Passionate Business Brokers and Advisors

Management Team

MMCA’s team is as diverse as our business services. Our team’s business experiences, education and interests shape the MMCA’s culture. Our people, each having a unique set of talents, are key to providing the full range of service capabilities.

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The ten commandments of selling my privately held business selling your business ten steps to maximize value.


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What if you are approached by a buyer who says, “I would like to buy your company, how much do you want?” Would you have an answer?

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